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Vertical Gardens That Thrive on Walls

Welcome to LiveWall®, designers of the world’s most sustainable, durable, low maintenance living wall system. You may have arrived here because of your interest in reducing stress, improving mental health, reducing employee sick days or demonstrating your commitment to sustainability. You may be seeking living art for the walls. You may be an architect, landscape designer or contractor pursuing the fast-growing market demand for “vertical gardens,” “green walls,“ “plants on wall” or simply “living walls.” Or you may have seen a beautiful flowering vertical garden and want to know how easy it is to install your own.

We’ve worked hard to be the best, and our claim rests on the tested beauty, sustainability, durability, easy installation and low maintenance of our living wall designs.



    When used for signage, a green wall is a great way to expand a brand. A living wall tells customers, residents, employees or neighbors that you care about your community, your health, and the ecosystem.

    Vertical gardens save energy and conserve resources. The evapotranspirative effects of living wall plants and the growing medium can reduce HVAC costs during hot weather when used outdoors, and during cold weather welcome natural humidity to a heated home or building.

    The potential of living walls to grow herbs and vegetables expands their usefulness into the arena of urban farming. This urban garden feature or a LiveWall installation can be applied on any scale, ranging from personal to commercial.

    When installed at restaurants, culinary schools and institutions, vertical gardens can reduce costs and provide nutritious herbs and vegetables from a surface that previously performed no such function.

    Planted living wall systems may qualify for credits associated with green/open space in many municipal zoning ordinances; often equating to time and money savings in the zoning process or financial rewards from tax credits and other incentives.



    Living walls are an attractive organic alternative to traditional two-dimensional architectural siding treatments. They expand the usefulness of buildings and create three dimensional siding systems with beautiful green planters.

    They can be planted monochromatically, randomly, and in geometric color patterns. Colors, textures and scents change throughout the year. Artistic expression comes to life with LiveWall living gardens, where there is no limit to the creative possibilities. Transform your building wall into a living canvas with a broad palette of plants.



    Planted living walls can significantly reduce ambient noise and create a more beautiful, relaxing and inspirational environment. This exposure to nature has been shown to reduce stress and allergies and contribute to mental and physical health.

    LiveWall plants have been proven to positively affect mood, perception, feelings and creativity. Colors such as red, orange and yellow evoke feelings of warmth and comfort. A palette of pastels helps create a sense of calm, and blue, purple and green are known to be both calming and refreshing. Conversely, sweeps of strongly contrasting colors stimulate energy and feelings of excitement.

    Patient exposure to plants promotes faster recovery and enhances patient experiences. Mobile healing gardens also are possible with LiveScreen, which can be easily moved to allow greater patient access to therapeutic gardening exercises.

    When used to grow herbs and vegetables, produce from a living wall provides supplemental food that is healthy for the body and the environment. No wonder LiveWall is a popular installation in restaurants, culinary schools, institutions and the homes of people who are serious about nutrition, health and gourmet cooking.

    Living walls as part of green communities increase sense of pride and place, levels of trust, and civic participation. Similarly, these communities see less violence, aggression, vandalism and littering for overall improved social health.



    Living walls cool and quiet urban environments and provide natural habitat.

    LiveWall living walls help reduce urban heat islands. The urban heat island effect is the temperature difference between urban areas and their rural surroundings and is now documented as a significant contributor to climate change. The temperature differential causes air currents and dust, and even contributes to violent weather events within urban settings. Green wall vegetation provided by a vertical garden helps cool the air, slow air movement, and acts as a substrate for pollution to settle out and detoxify.

    Plants, soil and air trapped in the soil are acoustic insulators. Living wall planters from LiveWall can dampen and reduce noise, which is of great benefit to occupants of buildings affected by airports, industry, trains and traffic.

    Plants and soil help recreate habitat for butterflies, insects and songbirds. A thriving living wall from LiveWall becomes more than a vertical garden, it can be your own personal wildlife kingdom.