Whether you are a Do-It-Yourself, or Hire a Contractor person, below you will find tips to Help bring your landscape alive for the Summer. 

1. Prune your trees and Shrubs, cleanout the dead and winter damaged branches.

2. Fertilize trees and shrubs as necessary. Inspect for insects and disease, and treat as soon as possible.

3. Apply Pre-Emergent weed control over entire lawn.  Inspect  for insects and disease.  It is a good practice to Aerate the lawn.  This will strengthen the lawn root structure.  

4. Begin routine maintenance;  Mow, trim, edge the lawn areas.  Water as necessary.Remove weeds from planted bed area, Apply Pre-Emergent, and install Mulch in bed areas

5. After the last Frost, you can begin installing Perennials, herbs and annual flowers. Along with giving them a good dose of fertilizer.Turn on the Irrigation System and check for leaks and broken heads. Monitor your system so you don’t over irrigate

All this is part of a good Spring Cleanup,  on the way to enjoying a Great Summer