Grounds Maintenance Services

Weekly Lawn Cutting
 Professional cutting of grass on a weekly basis. Edging is included on a bi-weekly basis.


Spring/Fall Cleanup
 Cleanup up of leaves and debris from lawn and planted bed areas.


 Weeding of bed areas. Mechanical or Chemical control available.


Pruning' Tree and Shrub
 Trimming of shrubs and ornamental trees.


Fertilization Programs
 Providing fertilization programs for lawns, trees and shrubs. Liquid, granular products available.


Irrigation Repairs
 Everything from sprinkler system turn ons in the spring, from winterization blow outs in the fall. Sprinkler head replacements, Controller Clocks, and sprinkler lines repaired or replaced.


 This service is performed in the spring and or fall. It pulls core pieces of the turf out and allows for lawn nutrients to improve the grass root structure, giving you a stronger lawn root system


Parking Lot Sweeping
 We power vac your parking lots to provide a clean swept enviorment for our clients. Power Vaccuming after a construction site is complete adds brillance to your lot.


Snow Removal and Deicing
 Snowplowing services are available on a per push and seasonal contract. We can provide bulk salting/de-icing services for parking lots and sidewalks. We service our clients 24/7 during the winter service season.