Gear Up for Spring - Tips to Prepare

As we enter the final leg of winter and gear up for spring, there are many things on our to-do lists that are best taken care of before mowing season. For those still dealing with the occasional snowfall, however, it can be difficult to find a starting place when it comes to spring lawn preparation. In this article, we explain how to keep your lawn healthy before and during the spring thaw.


Spring Lawn Preparation Tip #1 – Clear Debris

After a long, stormy winter, it's normal to find some extra sticks and leaves lying around your lawn. As snow melts and uncovers more debris, save yourself some mowing struggles by picking up loose objects as you find them. That way, once warmer weather rolls around, you'll have less mess to clean before starting up your lawn tractor for the season.

Spring Lawn Preparation Tip #2 – Move Snow Piles

Help snow thaw a little more quickly and evenly by moving it around. Pushing snow into a thinned-out layer will not only help it melt faster than snow in large piles, it will also allow more sunlight to get through to your lawn and help jump-start grass health.

Spring Lawn Preparation Tip #3 – Keep Off the Grass

When the ground is blanketed in snow, it's important to remember that foot or vehicle traffic can quickly cause damage to your lawn. In addition to disfiguring soggy ground, applying unnecessary pressure can tear grass that is weak from saturation. This breakage can keep grass from growing back, causing the need to re-seed.

To discourage yourself and others from traveling across snow-covered grass, make sure to regularly clear walkways and paths.

Spring Lawn Preparation Tip #4 – Remember Your Trees

While it can be easy to focus solely on your lawn during seasonal transitions, you should never forget about your trees. Even evergreens can fall suspect to the powers of winter weather, but regularly clearing snow from tree limbs with a broom or leaf blower can help prevent broken branches due to added weight. This is also a good time to trim overgrown or broken branches, as dormant trees are more resilient than trees that are busy bearing flowers and leaves during warmer months .

Spring Lawn Preparation Tip #5 – Stock Up On Seasonal Materials

As you wait for spring to arrive in all its glory, utilize any downtime to stock up on spring essentials like seeds. Having everything you need on hand will let you get to work faster since you won't be scrambling for lawn care essentials at the last minute.

Spring Lawn Preparation Tip #6 – Don't Jump the Gun

When the first sunny, snowless day of the season rolls around, don't be too quick to jump into yard work. Although the ground may finally be visible, the soil is likely to hold significant amounts of water from melted snow and spring rain. Hold off on watering until the ground has dried out completely, and be careful to not walk or maneuver heavy equipment on top of wet ground where grass and soil could be damaged.