Michigan had a hot summer and many lawns have suffered. Fall is a good time to help the lawn become healthy for next spring. A good application of Fall Fertilizer will help strengthen the root system of your lawn along with a core aeration. The Core Aeration pulls plugs from the

Lawn area and allows for the fertilizer ( lawn food) to get right into the lawns system. Afterwards, if you have sparse areas fall is a great time to reseed the lawn. It is important to have seed to soil contact when reseeding. So you will need to lightly rake the bare areas and get to the soil, and it will not hurt to

Apply some additional topsoil, seed and tamp it in. If the area that's sparse or damaged is large, you may want to think about cutting the area out and re=sodding, that will give you instant lawn. A small amount of mulched leaves will enhance the nutrients in the lawn, but too many leaves can be damaging.

Always keep in mind that the lawn is a living perennial plant, and needs proper care as such.