Naturally, Lawn performs best with adequate water.  But this June and July have been brutal on our landscape. Many cities have water restrictions to odd/even days, which only adds to the problem of not enough water. Although most grasses can perform well with dry conditions rather than too much water, this summer has been too dry.  It is perfectly okay for established lawns  to go dormant for a 5-8 week period. If the lawn areas are only established in the spring or previous late fall, then  more water is necessary.    The best time to water is between 5-8 a.m., but when the heat is excessive and the grass blades turn a bluish gray, then afternoon watering is recommended.  Avoid applying weed control during the extreme hot weather if the lawn appears understress. Once the weather begins to retreat to lower temperatures, and water is applied the turf should rebound wit in 1-2 weeks.    Be on the look out for small brown patches which may indicate the lawn has a fungus problem.  This can be corrected with a fungicide application once the lawn stress is reduced. Come Fall your lawn may need additional attention, be it fertilization and or overseeding.

Remember the lawn going dormant is a Survival Mechanism, it will return to its lush color and texture, but we must be patient.